TTT Academy's
Intimate, Interactive Workshops

Learn how to write stories, high-impact content, and about the hows and wheres, and whys of a content career.

We delve into the world of words. The role of brevity. We discuss the impact of attention spans, and how to write in a way that stands out.

More importantly, we share stories and we write together.

Terribly Tiny Tutorials

What's in it?

The tale behind ttt

TTT You've seen them write. Now, hear them talk. Interact with a stellar bunch of seasoned TTT writers, including the founder of Terribly Tiny Tales - as they take you through their journey and writing process.

Less is more

Learn the art of brevity, creating meaningful content, expressing yourself, and telling your own story.

Write-minded people

Meet, connect, and join a community who shares your love for stories. That’s how we grew.
And that’s how you will, too.

Write, rinse, repeat

Learn the golden rules of writing. Pick up tips and tricks from the speakers. And finally, craft your own tales.

Get featured

The best stories and content created will be featured on the page, and make your words reach millions of people.

Add it to your CV

Get an official TTT certificate for the workshop you attend, and add it to your resume

Work with us

Stand a chance to come work with us - office internships, or working remotely.

Let's discuss?

Engage in open discussions and Q&A sessions with us, no holds barred.

Tailor the event

Subject to the number of participants, the nature of discussion, and tons of other factors, we host highly-customisable models of our event.



Flagship Writing Workshop

The journey of TTT, the structure and the nuances of writing, & a tale writing session.

Our flagship and most popular workshop, where everyone returns richer in stories.

Capacity: 60 - 150 people
Duration: 2-3 hours
Who can attend: Everyone

Beyond 140

A more in-depth workshop, where we write and talk about writing for longer.

We discuss the role of first drafts, appreciate the importance of editing, and finally craft both long and short formats to tales.
An open reading session adds to the fun.

Capacity: 70 - 80 people
Duration: 3-4 hours
Who can attend: Anyone who loves writing

Advanced Writing Workshop

Beyond 140 characters, there's a land of other formats - stories, cold mails, high-impact copy, and the art of the narrative.

We'd love to take you there.

This workshop includes rigorous writing exercises. Challenging, but fun, these leave you with renewed creative energy. Refreshments and merchandise are on us.

Capacity: 10-15 people
Duration: 1 Day(8 hours) OR 2 Days(4 hours each)
Recommended: Subject to a screening test.


Corporate/Brand Workshop

Organic, viral content rules social web. Where is it headed?

This workshop chronicles everything from the concept of micro-fiction and the rise of TTT to the road ahead for branded content in writing. An introduction to the team and the product leads you to the process behind writing terribly tiny tales, followed by the emergence of branded content - Why Collaboration is the new Creation.

We conclude the session with a couple of live, writing exercises on branded content by TTT.

Capacity: 30-50 people
Duration: 4 hours
Who can attend: Brand Managers and Creative Team of Agencies



Inspiring session by the founders - chronicling the journey of TTT, the growing world of content, and how you can be a part.

Or better still, start your own journey.

Duration: 10-30 minutes
Recommended: Everyone

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Here's what attendees had to say

"I've been following TTT since two years and it's been a great experience. Many times we refer to to TTT tales in our sociology class when we discuss social issues. It was great to meet the founder of TTT and hear about it from him."

- Aditi Bohra


If you’d like us there, we’d love to be there. Invite us to your campus or request a workshop.