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    We identify the essence of your brand and build powerful, tiny stories from there, ground-up, together.

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    Stories aren't one-size-fits-all. We customize content best suited for your brand, varying in format, message and timing.

    Handpicked writers

    Funnel your core message into takeaway stories, crafted by stellar writers from around the world.

    Curation, state-of-the-art

    We employ diligent technology for a speedy turnaround, and scoop out insights like never before.

    Our stage, your backdrop

    Our templates are customized to brand, with the essence infused in everything - right from the colour to the campaign.

    20 million a week, and counting

    With our everygrowing community of readers, stories reach farther every day. And that too, organically.

    Leave a legacy together

    Stories that move people, stay with them. As wallpaper, framed stories and screenshots, move beyond flash fiction - right into the heart. And that too, organically.

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