1. Who are you?

We're Terribly Tiny Tales – one of the world’s most celebrated social storytelling platforms.
We bring together a diverse pool of fantastic writers to create really short stories for a community of over 20 million readers, every day.

2. Where can I find ttt on social media?

You can find us on
Facebook (fb.com/terriblytinytales),
Instagram (@ttt_official),
Twitter (@terriblytiny),
and YouTube (youtube.com/terriblytinytalkies)

3. Where can I read all your stories? / I want to read all tales; where can I find them?

All published tales can be found across our social media platforms.

4. How do I get in touch with you?

For all submission related queries, write to us at submissions@terriblytinytales.com
For events and workshops, write to us at events@terriblytinytales.com
For potential brand collaborations, shoot us a mail from your work email address on collab@terriblytinytales.com/a>
If you have any other questions or to simply say hi, ping us at

5. Can I submit a tale too? If yes, then where?

If you have a tale to tell, we’re all eyes.
You can write them on our app - terriblytinytales.com/app
You can also write them on your laptop at write.terriblytinytales.com

6. I have submitted something. When will it be published?

It usually takes a while – with a huge number of submissions coming our way daily, curation is tedious – but a task we gladly work upon.
If it’s scheduled to be published, you’ll receive a mail from us saying so.

7. Will I get any feedback on my writing?

Individual feedback is logistically difficult to give. However, we’re currently working on systems to get this into place.

8. If my tale gets rejected, will I be informed?

There’s no easy way to tell you this, so here it goes – Nope.

9. How do I become a Select writer with ttt?

You can become a part of our handpicked group of Select writers by taking this copy test at http://bit.ly/terribly-tiny-test

10. On your page, I’ve come across pieces that are more than 140 characters. Can I submit those too?

Currently we’re accepting longer pieces only from our Select writers. To be a part of Select, get discovered today at http://bit.ly/terribly-tiny-test

11. When I write a tale, do I need to mention the word of my choice?

Yes. It makes finding your tale easier, and also lets the readers know where you began.

12. Who decides what goes up?

We have an internal curation team, working on which tale goes up, and how.
They’re helped by our dedicated bunch of community curators who tirelessly curate Community submissions post which the internal team picks the best.

13. How can I work with ttt?

Mail us your best work, resume, and cover-letter to hello@terriblytinytales.com
You can become a part of our handpicked group of Select writers by taking the copy test at http://bit.ly/terribly-tiny-test

14. Does ttt take interns? And where can I apply?

Yes, we do. You can apply by sending us your best work, resume, and cover-letter to hello@terriblytinytales.com

15. Do you have an office?

We do.

16. If I (or the brand I represent) want to collaborate, how do I go about it?

For potential brand collaborations, shoot us a mail from your work email address on collab@terriblytinytales.com

17. How do we know about an upcoming workshop in our city?

For upcoming events and updates, keep an eye out on our here.

18. Where can I request a workshop in my city/college?

Write to us at events@terriblytinytales.com and we’ll help you organize one in your city/college.

19. I attended a workshop; I haven’t received my certificate yet. When will I get it?

We mail the digital certificate to the email you provide. In case you haven’t received it in your inbox, let us know at events@terriblytinytales.com , and we’ll get back to you.

20. Does ttt sell official merchandise? If yes, where do I find it?

Yes. You can find our merchandise at www.stttore.com. And t-shirts at www.nnnow.com/terribly-tiny-tales

21. I want a tale written for me (or gift it to someone), how do I go about it?

You can avail a Tailored Tale for you, or someone you love, at http://stttore.com/products/tailored

22. Is ttt merchandise available on any other e-commerce websites?

No, find all our exclusive merchandise only on www.stttore.com and www.nnnow.com/terribly-tiny-tales.
Oh wait. That makes two. What's the dual term for "exclusive"?

23. What is terribly tiny talkies?

Terribly Tiny Talkies is a storytelling collective under Terribly Tiny Talkies, which brings together distinctive and talented filmmakers from across the country to craft thematic short films.
Each talkie is under five minutes, and filmed around a central keyword and idea.
TTT endures to save the fading art of the narrative, one frame at a time.

24. Where do I watch all the terribly tiny talkies?

25. How do I work for terribly tiny talkies?

If you have a strong showreel to show or are simply interested in exploring opportunities in film, you can apply/know more at .

26. Can brands collaborate for talkies?

Yes, we’ve already collaborated with brands in the past to create striking films that move. Shoot us a mail at collab@terriblytinytales.com and we’ll take it forward from there.