21 thoughts on “Terribly Tiny Talkies – #India

  1. They decided to get married by the year end,
    But it was just June and meanwhile;
    He decided to marry his career instead

  2. They were deeply in love. Religion separated them. Life couldn’t bring them together. Death did. Their graves lay next to each other. (Separation)

  3. “You didnt meet me for a month that’s why I went out with him”, she said

    He was taking out her birthday present.

  4. He said bye

    She promised she would wait

    But when he stopped by to say “I am back”

    she was wrapped in red waiting for the last spark to set her free
    #wait #death #loveNeverEnds

  5. He held her hand as she was breathing heavy , sweating profusely .
    And then they saw , their victorious son getting off the fighter plane alive !!!

  6. She said you don love me ,

    He knew she liked roses

    It was her bday ,

    EVery where with red roses the room was flood

    Little did she knew it was also the colur of his blood

  7. I love you, she said
    He said, I love you too

    I love you, she said
    I will never come back…….he said and he left

    I love you….she says!
    Waiting to hear back…

  8. He dropped his painting brush and picked up the MBA book instead.
    His father was pleased. He was soon holding ashes.

  9. His DOB was 12, her’s was 06.
    It’s been 2 years since their breakup.
    He still smiles when the time shows 12:06.

  10. 15 years since he saw her sparkle in primary school!
    He no longer recognizes her for she’s changed, his love never will…

  11. He was Beauty
    I was Beast
    The kiss We had
     Was not the least
    Tell Me My Beauty
     That U loved me enough
    That the Beast of U
     Was Love of My heart

  12. “You know how to face life.. you are strong.. independent..” he said once..

    He loved her and left her for the same reason..

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